Meet the team that turns ideas into highly functional products

Our management is simply committed to integrity, transparency and professionalism.

Our vision

Our Vision…is to be the Leading Implementer of Business Solutions in the Middle East and building strong relationships with customers and partners by offering a trustful service with highest quality.

Our Mission

Our Mission…is to rapidly increase your profitability by delivering reliable business solutions along with a comprehensive support by our professional team and our leading products. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, easy-to-use and secure software solutions for enterprises.

Our Values

Creditability and Fairness
We consider our Clients’ interest as important as our own, we provide you with honest, creditable service and expect your professional relationship in return. Your success is our success
Passion & commitment:
Our teams are made up of highly motivated, disciplined individuals who are proud of their work.


Our establishment has certain guide lines and codes of professional conduct. They are strictly applied to each person working within EMEIT

Our Staff

Our Staff is always committed to most reliable and feature-rich business solutions together with a professional support, we promise a successful implementation and its regular post implementation service.

Our Partners

Meet our amazing team

Sheryl Graham

Chief Operating Officer

She oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Chris Anderson

Chief Product Officer

Chris leads Pursuit’s Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features. 

Susan Cox

Chief Financial Officer

Susan is Chief Financial Officer of Pursuit, where she leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams.

Our Team

We strongly believe that the human assets are the most important in our Company. We invest time, budget and effort in recruiting and training a high caliber people, we spend a lot of time on their career development, which ensures their continuous improvement.

We are convinced that the character and knowledge of any of our team members have the up most importance, because the commitment to quality has always been the driving principle of EMEIT as well as believing that successful project begins with assigning it to the right person. Thus we ensure our customers satisfaction.

Therefore we don’t compromise any of our Values. We continuously build not just product knowledge but also analytical thinking, communication, team-building and project management skills.


Quality Control
Quality is a thread that runs throughout all our processes that can continuously seek to improve, monitor & standardize.
Regular In-House Training
Our Team members are trained regularly and intensely. Our training expenses are among the highest in the industry, because we believe in delivering quality.
Selective Recruitment
Our Team members are recruited basically according to their character, consulting skills& values. We Build Knowledge
Performance Monitoring
Our team and Projects are always monitored and assessed according to our high standards.
Multiple Consultants for projects
We assign more than one consultant for each project; to make our service available for the clients in any circumstances
Top Management Visits Clients
Proactively, Our Managers visit regularly our clients to listen to their valuable feedback.
Planned and Detailed implementation of the Methodology
In Order to achieve your objectives, we strictly follow an international detailed methodology, that we custom-fit to each client